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Think Unbroken with Michael Unbroken CPTSD, TRAUMA and Mental Health Healing Podcast

Sep 22, 2020

What’s up Unbroken nation? I’m so excited to share this episode with you on a topic that is very familiar to me and that is how to build self-esteem. One of the biggest struggles that trauma survivors often have is creating a baseline of self-esteem as we’ve come from a place of not knowing that we were allowed to...

Sep 15, 2020

In this episode, I talk about how feeling an emotional connection with yourself leads to opening up to healing. Learn about why our emotional capacity is that foundation of what it is that allows us to step into our power.

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Sep 9, 2020

Hey friends,

In this episode, I chat with Pregame Founder and serial entrepreneur and my sister from another mister - Ciara Pressler. This is one of my favorite interviews that I have done to date and am so pumped to share it with you. We go deep on the social climate of the world, trauma, my book: Think Unbroken, and...

Sep 1, 2020

In this episode, I talk about how to recognize if you have abusive parents and how to set boundaries with them as an adult.

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